Syfy's Defiance launches with TV-gaming second-screen convergence app
Michelle Clancy | 17-04-2013

The Dodge brand has partnered with Syfy and Trion Worlds for Defiance, a convergence of television and online gaming featuring an interconnected world and storylines that co-exist throughout the Defiance scripted drama TV series and online game.

As the exclusive automotive sponsor, the Dodge brand partnership includes vehicle integrations in the TV show (Dodge Charger) and online video game (Dodge Challenger), as well as custom co-branded advertising and promotions crossing multiple media platforms, including television, digital, social media, mobile, gaming and on-demand.

"Dodge has a long history of innovation, and this new partnership with SyFy is the latest example, as it represents the first-ever merging of TV and online gaming," said Tim Kuniskis, president and CEO for the Dodge brand. "While Defiance is set in the year 2046, the featured Dodge Charger stays true to its DNA. It has timeless performance and technological capabilities needed to survive in a futuristic world, while the Challenger video game integration allows enthusiasts to interact with the iconic muscle car in ways they might not have imagined possible."

Both the television series and game are standalone experiences that unfold concurrently in one world, however, they also intertwine to create an interactive experience in which the show impacts the game, and the game influences the show.

"We couldn't be more thrilled by Dodge's partnership with Defiance, Syfy's biggest, boldest and most ambitious project in our 20-year history," said Chris Czarkowski, Syfy's vice president of ad sales. "As a forward-thinking brand, Dodge was able to leverage the innovative opportunities with this groundbreaking experience to completely and organically engage our valuable consumers with their brand."