73.3% of Arab satellite channels are privately-owned

The proportion of Arab satellite channels which are privately owned has reached 73.3%, with 25.8% being government-owned, according to a report released by media research company Discover Digital Arabia.

The remaining channels, roughly 1%, are jointly-owned ventures.

The report also stated that 78.6% of all stations are broadcast in Arabic, with 4.6% broadcasting in English, 4.4% broadcasting in both languages, and the remaining 12.4% in other languages.

The report further stated that since October 2012, 4G telecommunication networks were most commonly used in Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Fibre optic cables were set up last November in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan, Algeria, Iraq, Bahrain, Libya, Tunisia, Qatar, Mauritania, Palestine and Yemen.

The report also found that 3G network service use increased in the Arab region from 69.8% at the end of November 2011 to 73.6% by the end of November 2012.