Film Four & Film Four +1: 24-04-2013.

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FilmFour TV listings guide Today.

11:00Springfield RifleA Union officer is given a fake court martial and discharged so he can infiltrate a Confederate outpost and covertly identify the renegade Union soldiers supplying the enemy with firearms and horses. American Civil War Western adventure, starring Gary Cooper, Phyllis Thaxter and Lon Chaney JrFilm/Western

12:50Yangtse Incident[SUB AD BW]A British frigate is heavily shelled and captured by Chinese communists on the Yangtse River in 1949. After a failed rescue mission by a sister ship, the remaining crew members put into action a daring escape plan that involves disguising the vessel and slipping her moorings under the cover of darkness. Fact-based action adventure, starring Richard Todd, William Hartnell and Akim TamiroffFilm/Adventure/War

14:40Blithe Spirit[SUB HD]A novelist is shocked to find the ghost of his first wife haunting him and his new spouse and sets out to find a way of getting rid of the annoying apparition. He employs the services of a clairvoyant in an attempt to drive the phantom away - but her methods seem doomed to failure. David Lean's adaptation of Noel Coward's supernatural comedy, starring Rex Harrison, Kay Hammond and Margaret Rutherford, with Coward himself providing the narrationFilm/Comedy

16:30Heaven Knows, Mr Allison[SUB HD]A US Marine corporal stationed on a South Pacific island and a novice nun on a mission are forced into the hills when Japanese forces arrive and set up military bases during the Second World War. Before long the pair develop strong emotional ties, but in resisting their feelings for each other the relationship becomes one of deep mutual respect. Romantic drama, written and directed by John Huston, with Robert Mitchum and Deborah KerrFilm/General Movie/Drama

18:35Iron Man[SUB AD HD]Arms manufacturer Tony Stark is taken hostage by a terrorist group and realises the weapons his company builds have been falling into the wrong hands. Using his engineering skills to construct a hi-tech armoured suit, he manages to escape and then puts the technology to good use in the fight against evil around the world. Superhero adventure, starring Robert Downey Jr, Jeff Bridges, Gwyneth Paltrow and Terrence HowardFilm/Adventure

21:00The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad![SUB HD]While investigating the shooting of a colleague, disaster-prone police lieutenant Frank Drebin uncovers a plot to assassinate Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to Los Angeles. However, after he is sacked from the force by the mayor, the cop has to operate beneath the radar to get to the bottom of the conspiracy. Comedy, with Leslie Nielsen, Priscilla Presley and Ricardo MontalbanFilm/Comedy

22:40Gentlemen Broncos[SUB HD]A teenager trying to publish a sci-fi novel gives a draft of the manuscript to his favourite author, hoping to get feedback. Unfortunately for him, the pompous writer passes the work off as his own - so he sets out to prove he is the true creator. Comedy from the director of Napoleon Dynamite, starring Michael Angarano, Jemaine Clement and Sam RockwellFilm/Comedy

00:25Undefeated[SUB HD]Documentary following an American football team from an underprivileged Memphis high school. The film tells the story of the local businessman who took over coaching the squad and hopes to turn their fortunes around, as well as three players who must balance training with their education as they strive to achieve college placementsFilm/Documentary

02:40A Letter to Elia[SUB HD]Martin Scorsese presents a tribute to Elia Kazan, director of On the Waterfront and A Streetcar Named Desire, and discusses the influence these films had on his own moviesDocumentary/Film/Cinema