Vanilla Ice heads to Amish country as part of Scripps' big content push

Michelle Clancy | 26-04-2013

Scripps Networks, owner of basic cable stalwarts like the Cooking Channel, DIY Network, Food Network, GAC, HGTV and Travel Channel, is planning to up the content ante in the 2013-14 season by adding 52 new series across the six channels.

Perhaps most interestingly, Vanilla Ice will be getting his horse-and-buggy on with the new show, Vanilla Ice Goes Amish on the DIY Channel.
According to the New York Times there will be five new series on Travel Channel and GAC, 20 new shows on Cooking Channel and Food Network, and 27 new series on DIY Network and HGTV. Most of these will be a return to form for aging stars. The DIY Network in particular is following the Vanilla Ice theme by bringing back former celebs like Bronson Pinchot, rapper Joseph Ward Simmons (known as Rev Run) and Daryl Hall of Hall & Oates.
The media company is also plotting a TV everywhere launch this summer, with mobile apps and Web access for on-demand content streaming for authenticated cable viewers.