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( OAM AZBox HD-Release 8 tabanlı ULK 3.3.1) OpenPLi_AlonzoREVOLUTION_8.0

The most important feature is a specially developed with GreenPortakal interface.
Another important feature AZPlayer Instead, I have modified to AZBox existing interfaces have arranged according to him,
AZBox Media plug-in is added.
In addition, Media Player, Media Player plug-ins scaner and Picture (removed) has been removed.
Other characteristic features are known;
As the previous software primarily to meet the needs of a user, such as a minimum, almost everything is installed and / or configured, plug-ins, all piconlarının 42ETurksat and 7E Eutelsat satellites, 13E and 19.2E satellites contain important piconlarını and full Turkish fonts.
This is not a backup, modified, customized not add anything to completely clean and AZBox HD devices running very stable and robust OpenAzBox Pli-based software

Several photos are below

After installation, the / etc CCcam.cfg file into the copy,
After installation, coppy to CCam.cfg file in /etc directory. Upload channel settings, end restart the Enigma.

Channel files, upload, please Tuner configuration and restart Enigma. CCcam 2.2.1 This version is active as a preset.

Sample loading screen.

Keymap PingFlood software used. RESOLUTION key A / V Settings function,
TV / Radio button, the TV radio function is added.

In addition, the controller CHECK
key, the menu can be found CamdManager.

If your language not supporded. For examle, Greek, Hebrew, Russian and ect...

Please load your language package ipk file, from firmware pack.

And use ipkg install --force-overwrite /tmp/*.ipk command. ( copy paste this command here )

This version supported all of the AZBoxHD models.

The software below, take it easy.


OpenPLi AlonzoREVOLUTION_8.0

NOTE: This software update issues based on version 2 and A / V Settings green screen problem has been fixed. If you can install them in the new update.

A/V settings green screen fix and software update works fine.


Turkish subtitles and EPG software included in the package for the SUB-and-EPG-Languages ​​in the directory,

azbox-mediacenter-plugin-turkish-sub-and-tvepg-support_1.0-r0_mipsel.ipk file

ipkg install --force-overwrite /tmp/*.ipk install command, certainly

Dual extension is added in this version also.

Easy access to the Blue button added to the Video settings.