StarHub TV revamps Sensasi channel

Louise Duffy | 30-04-2013

StarHub TV’s Malay general entertainment channel, Sensasi, will be given a new lease of life from 1 May with a revamp.

It will bring on fresher content, more titles with shorter windows, introduce a round-the-clock broadcast, and new programming stunts like daily themes and new time-belts. The channel will also take on a bolder and more vibrant outlook with a new tagline “Detik Detik Sensasi”, which means “Sensational moments”.
With the revamp, Sensasi will broadcast 24 hours a day, up from 18. There will be six hours of fresh content every day, compared with 3.5 hours previously. The channel will showcase more new drama titles and magazine shows within a shorter window from its broadcast in Malaysia.
It will also incorporate a theme for each day of the week - Music Monday, Gossip Tuesday, Action Wednesday, Horror Thursday, Funny Friday and Weekend Midnight Movies. As part of its move to introduce a more dynamic scheduling, new time belts will also be introduced. These include Ekspresi Pagi, a lifestyle & drama segment from 10.30am to 12.30pm, Skrin, which showcases primetime dramas from 8pm to 11.30pm, Jangan Tidur Lagi, which features blockbuster movies from 1am to 3am on Saturdays, and Seleksi Sensasi, a variety show segment from 4.30pm to 6.30pm on weekends.
Lee Soo Hui, vice president of StarHub's Media Business Unit, said: “As part of our constant quest to provide our customers with the freshest content and the best value, we are pleased to announce that this timely revamp on Sensasi will offer more current and exciting titles with a more dynamic programming, injected with an increase in fresh content. The revamped channel outlook which takes on a more vibrant and colourful background with a new tagline, rightly reflect this enhancement.”