Yomvi still causing problems for Smart TV users
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 06-05-2013

According to user's reports over the past week, Canal+'s Yomvi service isn't functioning properly on Samsung Smart TVs.

After a year of experiencing some quality and access problems, the company released a new version of the application for the Smart TV a week ago. However, this didn't solve most of the problems and some customers reported that they don't have access to the service at all.

From the beginning, the Samsung Smart TV showed that it was not completely suitable for the Yomvi application, and over the past year, only a reduced version of the programme has been available for subscribers to the satellite platform.

However, the Prisa TV platform has been striving to achieve a 100% compatibility. Prisa sees smart TVs as one way to increase its client numbers in the near future. The company aims to make the Yomvi service available to customers who aren't paying for it monthly. That means that viewers will have access to 20 different channels, VOD and the pay-per-view service through, for example, consoles and smart TVs. Prisa TV has promised a revolution, but is apparently coming across more obstacles than expected.