Chile's pay-TV audience on the increase
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 06-05-2013

Pay-TV is seeing growth in Chile, with almost half of those with access to pay-TV services preferring them to free-to-air channels during the first three months of 2013.

According to the Latin American Multichannel Advertisement Council (LAMAC), the average audience share has grown 11% during the past five years, showing a slow but steady increase.

Gary McBride, LAMAC's CEO, explained: "The pay-TV growth and its increasing audience during the last years confirm that this media is having a bigger importance among Chileans, and it is satisfying a need that they cannot find in the traditional media." According to McBride, the recent data shows that pay-TV audiences are now "essential when it comes to elaborate advertisement campaigns".

The average audience share in January, February and March was 45%, while the national television station took 14%, 13% for Canal 13 and Chilevision, and 9% for Mega. Based on this data, LAMAC has predicted an upward tendency for the rest of the year.

The Chilean statistics aren't the only good news for pay-TV in Latin American, however. The statistics of the advertisement council have been showing the same growth tendency in other countries during the first months of 2013: in Argentina, Colombia and Mexico the pay-TV audience is also increasing.