Toshiba, Rovi launch first TVs certified for DivX Plus streaming
Parent Category: News | 08-05-2013

In order to enable adaptive streaming of premium entertainment from digital storefronts and service providers, Toshiba is launching a range of digital TVs certified for DivX Plus.

In addition to broadening the reach of Rovi’s adaptive streaming format, the result of such a move will allow the Toshiba sets to support entertainment services from over-the-top (OTT) providers such as KNOWHOW Movies by Dixons Retail in the UK.

Rovi says that DivX Plus Streaming brings a Blu-ray DVD–like feature set to streaming media that can eliminate buffering or the spinning wheel associated with slow-running streaming services. DivX Plus Streaming includes dynamic resolution scaling, designed to provide smooth and seamless transitions between different resolutions, and is said to help ensure consumers enjoy quick start times and continuous play even in low or fluctuating bandwidth environments.

DivX Plus Streaming has been approved by film and TV studios and adopted by companies helping fuel OTT entertainment distribution. KNOWHOW, for example, includes white-label storefront and playback client SDKs, cloud services, as well as content licensing, management and marketing services. The DivX DRM (digital rights management) solution, as used with DivX Plus Streaming, was also recently approved by the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem consortium (DECE) for use in the UltraViolet digital locker ecosystem.

“We are pleased to continue our relationship with Rovi and integrate DivX Plus Streaming to add to the high quality viewing experiences that we offer,” said Takahiro Uchida, deputy senior manager, TV products department, products management division, Toshiba Corporation Digital Products & Services Company. “By integrating services such as KNOWHOW Movies with DivX Plus Streaming and enabling entertainment experiences that are flexible, convenient, and feature rich, we are providing even greater value to our customers.”

“Our collaboration with Toshiba results in new products for consumers that provide optimised, high quality playback of streaming entertainment in the living room,” added Simon Adams, SVP, sales and marketing, consumer electronics, Rovi Corporation. “This product launch extends our long-standing relationship with Toshiba and adds to the growing industry support we are receiving for DivX Plus Streaming.”