Tokyo Otaku Mode and MTV 81 to syndicate news content

Louise Duffy | 11-05-2013

Tokyo Otaku Mode (TOM) and MTV Japan have announced that TokyoOtakuMode and MTV 81, MTV Japanís English language digital platform, will begin syndicating news content.

Through this joint news syndication, which is the first such content collaboration for both platforms, TOM will provide the latest music entertainment news to its worldwide otaku content subscribers, and MTV 81 will gain access to the increasing population of Japanese otaku culture fans.
By adding the value of music entertainment from MTV 81 to its content, TOM plans to respond to the growing need for Japanese pop culture news.
MTV 81 will receive selected feeds of current otaku entertainment news content, which TOM updates daily on This will enable MTV 81 to provide its audience with the opportunity to get in touch with Japanís latest otaku culture and entertainment scene, which is in line with MTV 81ís vision to create a bridge between Japanese pop culture and the global entertainment scene by using MTVís international network.
Tomo Kamei, Tokyo Otaku Mode co-founder/CEO said: "With the worldwide popularity of Hatsune Miku and other aspects of the otaku music entertainment, now we can not talk about otaku culture without discussing Japanese pop music entertainment. Through the syndication partnership with MTV 81, TOM will grow not only as Japanese subculture entertainment news media, but also as a pop culture entertainment news media."
Akinori Makino, vice president, ad sales and digital media, MTV Networks Japan, said: "MTV 81 aims to build an open and continuing circle to deliver Japanese pop culture to the world. We welcome the collaboration with Tokyo Otaku Mode and are very grateful for starting this news content syndication. With this collaboration, as well as joining with like-minded others, MTV 81 will continue growing and expanding the circle of Japanese pop culture enthusiasts."