Spanish pay-per-view platforms keep losing customers

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 12-05-2013

Last year, Spain's pay-per-view platforms lost more than 800,000 subscriptions.

According to a report by Spain's Telecom Market Commission, 2012 saw 1.6 million direct payments for television content, a big drop compared with the 2.4 million of 2011. The difference is even bigger if compared with the 3.4 million of 2009 or the almost 7 million in 2008.
The main reason behind this drop is the migration of sport content, especially football, to other television platforms, which offer other kind of packages. Mediapro and Canal+ own most of the football broadcasting rights and show sports programmes through their own pay-TV platforms, so the pay-per-view business lies almost entirely in movies.
During 2012 there were only 3,000 purchases of football matches while four years before there were more than 3 million. Last year 1.47 million movies were bought through a pay-per-view platform.
According to the report, 24% of Spain's homes subscribe to a pay-TV platform, including satellite, IPTV and cable offers. Nearly 8 out of 10 people interviewed for the report mentioned that the current free-to-air channels' offering through the digital network was enough.