ONO loses 19,000 subscriptions during Q1 2013

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 12-05-2013

Spain's cable operator ONO has lost 19,000 clients during Q1 2013. However, the company has retained more than 800,000 subscriptions and gained more than 150,000 customers for its intelligent television system, TiVo.

Although the numbers could be better, the company is satisfied, and believes that it is keeping a strong position in the cable sector in spite of the loss of subs.
The company's net incomes for the period were €398 million, mostly due to the increase of TiVo clients. The platform reached 166,000 customers in March, which helped to hold ONO's position in the audiovisual market.
So the future of the company seems to be really tied to TiVo. The drop of 19,000 clients is only a circumstancial one for the company, which understands the difficulties of keeping customers in the current economical context. Moreover, the increase of football rights prices and the recent rise of taxes have not benefited the cable platform. ONO looks to TiVo with hope, as the only real way to gain new customers.
Apart from TiVo, ONO is also intensifying its presence in the convergent package market, where it has a tied competition with Jazztel. Last week ONO extended its agreement with Telefonica to use its telecom network for a further two and a half years.