New Latin American satellite ready for launch
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 13-05-2013

A new satellite is to increase high definition (HD) television distribution in Latin American from next month.

The launch of the SES-6 satellite is planned for 3 June and will replace the current television satellite NSS-806, which support most operators in Latin America. The SES-6 satellite will also cover a wider distribution area, enabling the broadcast of Latin American channels on other continents.

"The platform is compatible with DTH, VSAT services and digital inclusion programmes from Latin American governments," explained Martin Halliwell, SES' chief technology officer. The SES network is part of the Eurostar project, which began with Astra 2F's launch in September last year.

The satellite was built in France by Astrium and has a life of 15 years. It is already at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, from where it will be launched. SES-6 will be placed in the same orbit as NSS-806 and will cover North America, Latin America, Europe and the Atlantic Ocean.