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Thread: I found a biss plugins feed so good!

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    I found a biss plugins feed so good!

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    Viewing pay TV without a valid subscription is illegal!

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    V1.4 2013-3-29
    - Fixed Bugfix support
    - Fixed Cick Logo link to VIP LOGIN
    - Fixed Time zone correction

    V1.3 2013-2-20
    - Fixed Bugfix support
    - Added increased activation switch

    V1.2 2013-1-30
    - Info Bugfix version
    - Fixed Correction online registration

    V1.1 2013-1-20
    - Added Support online certification and registration function

    V1.0 2013-1-1
    - Added Support biss system

    Function Description:

    Basic Interoperable Scrambling System, usually known as BISS, is a satellite signal scrambling system developed by the European Broadcasting Union and a consortium of hardware manufacturers.

    Mobile equipment to send news over a satellite link used by TVNZ news reporters.
    Prior to its development, "ad-hoc" or "Occasional Use" satellite news feeds were transmitted either using proprietary encryption methods (e.g. RAS, or PowerVu), or without any encryption. Unencrypted satellite feeds allowed anyone with the correct equipment to view the program material.
    Proprietary encryption methods were determined by encoder manufacturers, and placed major compatibility limitations on the type of satellite receiver (IRD) that could be used for each feed. BISS was an attempt to create an "open platform" encryption system, which could be used across a range of manufacturers equipment.

    Fields for entering BISS-keys on a Ericsson RX8200 IRD
    There are mainly two different types of BISS encryption used:

    BISS-1 transmissions are protected by a 12 digit hexadecimal "session key" that is agreed by the transmitting and receiving parties prior to transmission. The key is entered into both the encoder and decoder, this key then forms part of the encryption of the digital TV signal and any receiver with BISS-support with the correct key will decrypt the signal.

    BISS-E (E for encrypted) is an variation where the decoder has stored one secret BISS-key entered by for example a rightsholder. This is unknown to the user of the decoder. The user is then sent a 16-digit hexadecimal code, which is entered as a "session key". This session key is then mathematically combined internally to calculate a BISS-1 key that can decrypt the signal.
    Only a decoder with the correct secret BISS-key will be able to decrypt a BISS-E feed. This gives rightsholder control as to exactly which decoder can be used to decrypt/decode a specific feed. Any BISS-E encrypted feed will have a corresponding BISS-1 key that will unlock it.

    BISS-E is amongst others used by EBU to protect UEFA Champions League and other high profile satellite feeds.

    BISSCW can be decode with any biss system.When you got register.

    BissCW (cardclient use for windows DVB Cards)

    BissCW has been tested with:
    MDAPI + DVBCore based programs and DVBViewer Pro/GE.

    How to use:

    DVBViewer: /Plugins subdirectory. Avoid the solution SoftCSA.dll in /Plugins subdirectory and BissCW in /MDPlugins subdirectory. Please, note that the CSA.dll (coming with the SoftCSA package coded by Pikachu) is recommended for faster unscrambling, though not absolutely mandatory.

    Note: Win7 "C:\Program Files (x86)\DVBViewer\dvbviewer.exe"

    DVBDream: /Plugins/pip00 and others (/Plugins/pip01 up to /Plugins/pip19) subdirectories.( Only need BissCW.dll and BissCW.ini )

    Note: Win7 "C:\Dvbdream\plugins\pip00"


    Please open the player->Plugins->BISSCW->SerialCode->click COPY,Send the serialcode to us.Then when you got UserName and RegCode. You can finished Register.

    Note:If you need to change your computer. Please contact us.

    Thank you for support !!!

    ================================================== =====

    Viewing pay TV without a valid subscription is illegal!

    ================================================== =====
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    Re: I found a biss plugins feed so good!

    Why i can't download it sir.
    Please help .

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    Re: I found a biss plugins feed so good!

    I can't see any problem to download this file....

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    Re: I found a biss plugins feed so good!

    Can you please upload for other links.

    I can't attach file to download.

    It shows always unsuccessful..
    Please help i need your helping sir.

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    Re: I found a biss plugins feed so good!

    Hello haw it worked this ????

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