Survey warns Facebook of video ads relevance

Editor | 19-05-2013

Online video firms may be keenly anticipating Facebook advertising but such products need to be relevant and short to prevent the social network pushing its user base away, says a research note from WeSEE.

The visual classification company’s survey revealed that just over two thirds (68%) of people say that receiving irrelevant video ads on Facebook would make them inclined to use the service less. Moreover, 30% of consumers say they would watch a video ad about a topic they have recently posted about, if the video wasn’t too long and the same number again (29%) would watch the first part of a relevant video ad, then skip it.
Even though it accepts that its sample was not the largest, the message from consumers is loud and clear, said WeSEE co-founder and chief marketing officer Adrian Moxley. “Facebook and the brands using the Facebook video ad service must consider carefully how they are determining what is relevant to each user without being too intrusive,” he argued. “Many users post photos and videos without any words to describe them and these posts can offer a real-time insight into the user’s interests and activities. If Facebook could identify what kind of visual data interests consumers, the relevance of their video ads could be greatly enhanced.”
After relevance, WeSEE’s survey found that next most important factor regarding online video adverts was length and Moxey further cautioned the advertising industry to look at the particular dynamics of the medium. “Advertisers must resist the temptation to just re-use ads designed for TV, which would typically be longer than 15 seconds, and ensure they have a dedicated campaign if they are to make Facebook video ads a success,” he concluded.