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Thread: connecting 2 dreamboxes

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    connecting 2 dreamboxes

    I need a little help please.
    I have a dm7025 (Gemini 2.0) with cccam 1.3.1 and would like to network at home with a dm500 (Gemini 3.2 )with cccam 1.3.1 .
    Both have pics when card inserted.
    With 7025 as server with ip
    and dm500 as client with ip
    what should my cccam.config file have?
    I have tried using cam-editor
    and have included these lines in my cccam.config file


    F: login password 1:1:1 { }


    C: 16000 login password yes

    Is this ok?

    The other question is :
    Do I need to do any editing to my cccam file in the client?
    And do I need to load the softcam and autoroll key files?
    Any feedback would be appreciated

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    Re: connecting 2 dreamboxes

    In Server CCCam.cfg you have to put a F line with the login and pass from the client.

    And in the client CCCam.cfg you have to put the c line with the ip adres from the server and the login and pass from teh client.

    For example, the server: F: dm500 pass 1 1 1
    For example, the client: C: 16000 dm500 pass yes


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