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11:00They Rode West[SUB HD]A cavalry doctor is determined to help deal with a malaria epidemic on a Kiowa reservation. However, his fellow soldiers disapprove of his compassionate attitude, while the tribe's medicine man resents outside interference. When the Native Americans attack the fort, the medic is branded a traitor. Western, starring Robert Francis, Donna Reed, May Wynn and Phil CareyFilm/Western

12:40Funny Face[SUB HD]A high-flying photographer arranges a photoshoot in a Greenwich bookshop, where his head is turned by one of the employees. He persuades the shy bookworm to model for him in Paris, and romance blossoms between them as he endeavours to transform her into a fashion icon. Musical, starring Fred Astaire, Audrey Hepburn, Kay Thompson, Michel Auclair and Robert Flemyng, with songs by George and Ira GershwinFilm/Musical

14:45The Last Command[SUB AD]Adventurer Jim Bowie returns to Texas during the 1830s and tries to quell the simmering antagonism between settlers and the Mexican government. However, as the Mexican army's aggression intensifies, he is forced to take up arms and fight in the historic battle at the Alamo. Western, starring Sterling Hayden, Arthur Hunnicutt, Anna Maria Alberghetti and Richard CarlsonFilm/Western

16:55The Three Worlds of Gulliver[SUB HD]Shipwrecked sailor Lemuel Gulliver journeys across two mystical islands. One is inhabited by miniature people on the brink of war, and the other by giants. But when he arrives in a third world - England - he is thrown into a lunatic asylum for trying to retell his astonishing adventures. Fantasy, based on Jonathan Swift's novel, starring Kerwin Mathews, Jo Morrow, June Thorburn and Lee Patterson, with special effects by the late Ray HarryhausenFilm/Fantasy/Adventure

18:50Pride[SUB]Premiere. An aspiring teacher discovers a crumbling, disused pool, and plans to restore it and turn troubled local teenagers into a swim team that can compete in the state championships - and refuses to let bureaucratic opposition and outright racism get in the way of his dream. Fact-based drama, starring Terrence Howard and Bernie MacFilm/General Movie/Drama

21:00The Fighter[SUB AD HD]Fact-based drama about boxer Micky Ward. He is initially trained by his brother, a former fighter who lost everything through drug addiction. Micky is persuaded to sever ties with his family after a series of disastrous fights, but when a shot at the world championship title presents itself, the brothers must reconcile to meet the challenge. With Mark Wahlberg, Amy Adams and Oscar-winning performances from Christian Bale and Melissa LeoFilm/General Movie/Drama

23:15Rising Sun[SUB HD]A cop investigating the murder of a prostitute in the Los Angeles offices of a Japanese corporation joins forces with a mysterious detective who is an expert on Asian culture. They discover security footage of the killer has been digitally altered, pointing to a secret conspiracy within the company. Thriller, adapted from the novel by Michael Crichton, starring Sean Connery, Wesley Snipes, Harvey Keitel and Tia CarrereFilm/Detective/Thriller

01:50Mary and MaxAn eight-year-old Australian girl decides to write to someone in New York, and picks a name at random. Her letter reaches an overweight loner plagued by anxiety, and over the next 20 years, they continue to correspond, forming a close friendship without ever meeting. Stop motion animated comedy, with the voices of Toni Collette, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Eric BanaFilm/Animated Movie/Drama/Comedy