French digital themed channels' ad revenues fall 11%

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 21-05-2013

The advertising revenues of French digital themed channels fell 11.4% in early 2013, according to figures from the TV channels association ACCeS.

The financial situation of channels, compared to that of the new DTT channels, is slowly deteriorating owing to the growing appeal of DTT and the Internet.
The global revenues of a sample of 35 cable, satellite and ADSL channels compiled by the association show a slight 0.2% decrease at Q1 of 2013, despite the fact subscription revenues were up 0.4 % and other revenues rose by 5%.
Such an ad revenue crunch over the first quarter follows on from a 4% fall in 2012.
The ACCeS has urged the French Government to implement new rules for themed channels in France so that they will be able to compete more fairly with new competitors like non-linear services and other OTT providers, and also with unregulated services.