Over 40% of families in Uruguay are without DTT

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 21-05-2013

Uruguay´s digital switchover is still quite a way off, but the Government is worried about the lack of DTT decoders in many of the country's households. The switchover is set for 2015 and over 40% of families have not yet purchased any DTT technology.

Almost 100% of homes currently have a television in Uruguay, and if these TVs aren't updated they won't be able to receive digital signals. Around 60% of homes subscribe to a pay-TV platform, which will enable them to receive the free-to-air digital signal. The rest will need to purchase a decoder.
The Government knows that low-income families will have difficulty buying a DTT decoder and so it is considering creating a special subsidy for this purpose. The money could be assigned directly to the families or could be aimed at decreasing the price of the technology.
Other Latin American countries have taken similar measures in order to extend DTT services to all the population.
With regard to DTT regulation, Uruguay´s Government is now working on the certification of decoders and televisions. New frequencies will be approved in October 2013 and the aim is to have some channels broadcasting by the beginning of 2014.