Colombian Une to have smart TV app

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 21-05-2013

Colombian pay-TV platform Une is to have its own smart TV app from July, offering an online TV schedule to cover programming from all the regional channels in the country.

Furore, the company developing the software, also from Colombia, is finishing the design of the app, which will be initially available for LG devices.
Channels including Tele Antioquía and Tele Medellín, which not so long ago were absent from DTT, will have now their own space on LG´s Smart TVs. "Our objective is to be a premium application that is preloaded in each TV, that is why the verification standards are higher," said Gabriel Porras, project manager of the company.
Furore´s software is now in LG Electronics' final certification phase which is taking place in South Korea.
The company is also working with Samsung, although no concrete project for a specific company has been announced as yet.
Currently, both Samsung and LG have around the 75% of Colombia's smart TV market. Furore believes the smart TV market will keep growing until least 2015, and this is why it is focusing not only on the Colombian market, but also designing apps for Panama, Peru and the US.