Film Four & Film Four +1: 23-05-2013.

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FilmFour TV listings guide Today.

11:00Benda Bilili![HD]Documentary following the lives of a Congolese band made up of seven homeless or disabled musicians. Over the course of five years, the band go from playing their home-made instruments on the streets of the city of Kinshasa to embarking on a European tour. In Lingala and FrenchFilm/Documentary/World Music

12:40The Professionals[SUB HD]A wealthy Texan hires four mercenaries to rescue his wife, who has been abducted and taken to Mexico by a bandit gang. However, when they find her, she refuses to leave and they have to take her by force - ending in a cross-border chase with the outlaws on their tail. Western adventure, with Burt Lancaster, Lee Marvin, Robert Ryan, Woody Strode, Jack Palance and Claudia CardinaleFilm/Western

15:00Mr Hobbs Takes a Vacation[SUB HD]A husband's hopes of spending a peaceful seaside holiday with his wife are dashed when she has the bright idea of turning the occasion into a family get-together - leading to a summer fraught with domestic disasters. Comedy, based on Edward Streeter's novel, starring James Stewart, Maureen O'Hara, John Saxon, Marie Wilson and Lauri PetersFilm/Comedy

17:15Drums along the Mohawk[SUB HD]Settlers find the dream of starting a new life in a remote valley threatened when the American War of Independence breaks out. They soon come under threat both from British forces and a Mohawk tribe angry at intruders in its territory. John Ford's historical drama, starring Henry Fonda and Claudette ColbertFilm/General Movie/Drama

19:20The Wedding Date[SUB AD HD]A single woman is horrified by the thought of attending her sister's wedding alone, a task made all the more daunting by the presence of her ex-fiance. Taking the bull by the horns, she hires a male escort for the occasion - but her decision has unexpected results. Romantic comedy, starring Debra Messing, Jack Davenport, Dermot Mulroney and Sarah ParishFilm/Comedy

21:00Beverly Hills Cop[SUB HD]Fast-talking Detroit cop Axel Foley heads for Los Angeles after an old friend is murdered before his eyes. His search for the killers leads him into conflict with a seemingly untouchable drug kingpin, but he also has to contend with the local force, who do not want him taking matters into his own hands. Comedy thriller, starring Eddie Murphy, Judge Reinhold, Ronny Cox, John Ashton and Steven BerkoffFilm/Comedy/Detective/Thriller

23:05Man on Fire[SUB HD]A former US government operative battling with alcoholism is hired as a bodyguard to the daughter of a wealthy businessman in Mexico City - but when the girl is abducted, he swears to exact an explosive revenge on the kidnappers. Action thriller, starring Denzel Washington, Christopher Walken, Radha Mitchell and Dakota FanningFilm/Detective/Thriller

01:55In the Mood for LoveTwo neighbours realise their partners are having affairs and turn to each other for support during the emotional crisis - but as their bond of sympathy grows, they are forced to admit they also share a mutual attraction. Drama, starring Maggie Cheung, Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, Ping Lam Sui, Rebecca Pan and Lai Chen. In Cantonese, Shanghainese and FrenchFilm/General Movie/Drama