Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 23-05-2013

There are now 199 HD channels broadcast by 108 different operators in Latin America according to the Business Bureau's latest report of the region.

Matias Guardiola, the reportīs director, pointed out that when pay-TV started there was only one service, "But nowadays the telecom companies offer a wide range of packages, programmes, signals and technologies".

According to the HDTV report, the average schedule in the region has 88 analogue channels, 14 HD signals and three premium channels. Looking at the current pay-TV offer, the report estimates that a family should pay an average of $43 for a full HD service.

The report also points out that over 80% of the HD signals are from the six genres which also have the biggest offers around the world. The HD film channels have 19% of the offer, sports 14% as do cable signals, international programmes have 13%, 11% for free-to-air channels and 10% for variety.

The market analysts interviewed in the research point to the different telecom laws in the region, which they consider outdated, as being the biggest obstacles for new companies which want to offer HD and also for existing operators who want to increase their offer.

The fourth edition of the Business Bureauīs HDTV report studied the current and future HD offers in 17 Latin American countries.