Writer' Group Film positions for digital, 3D content distribution
Parent Category: News | 23-05-2013

Writers' Group Film has announced a series of strategic initiatives targeted at bolstering its status as a digital video content distributor, including focusing on the acquisition of finished content (including 3D) for cinema, mobile and online streaming.

"We mean to grow our business by launching new products and services based on the unique strengths of our various distribution arrangements, by investing in existing businesses and finished content where we see the ability to acquire companies and products with existing revenues with the potential for strong growth," said Eric Mitchell, president and CEO at Writers' Group Film.

The company will look to acquire completed 3D animated family and educational content which can be distributed through the company's cinema distribution arrangements and mobile distribution platform. It's also looking for mobile application and video game businesses for the mobile distribution platform. And, licensing and acquiring existing content libraries with current revenue streams will also be a focus. This content can be packaged with Front Row Network's new projects and sold to consumers in packages under a subscription model.

"The initiatives we are announcing today should be seen as a significant step in our effort to put Writers' Group Film Corp on a path to sustainable growth," said Mitchell. "Our determination is to supplement Front Row Network's concert event business with additional products, businesses and existing revenue streams, and to focus all of our energy and creativity on positioning Writers' Group Film Corp as an innovative distributor of content."