CSA wants better assignment of audiovisual frequencies

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 30-05-2013

French regulatory body CSA wants more latitude and power to decide the way in which radio and TV frequencies are assigned. It is currently obliged to deliver authorisation as soon as frequencies are available, even if the economical or technical conditions aren't favourable.

This is what the CSA has stated in its 2012 annual report, adding that it would like to be able to select the time to launch a call for bids from TV and radio broadcasters, taking context into account.
The CSA even advocates being given the right to authorise TV channels to change from a pay-DTT model to a free-to-air model. TV channels such as TF1, news network LCI and M6's entertainment channel Paris Première would be the first to be interested, but the law currently doesn't allow for this.