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Thread: Latest Version Process Lasso

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    Latest Version Process Lasso

    Process Lasso

    Addition All Added support for 64-bit (64 core) CPU affinity masks throughout and expanded core selection dialogs
    Fix Core Fix to prevent sleep modes (e.g. allow display sleep, but disallow system sleep)
    Fix Core Fix to Energy Saver non-idle forced power profile inappropriately applied on governor start when energy saver toggled off
    Fix GUI Improve behavior when logical core count exceeds maximum that can be shown on affinity selection dialogs
    Fix GUI Corrected a layout defect in default affinity dialog
    Fix GUI Fix failure to clear log when a global log folder is configured
    Fix GUI Fix a failure to persist memory type attribute for some watchdog rules
    Fix GUI Fix to user-invoked 'Keep PC Awake' timers
    Fix GUI Fix cases of process icon mismatch
    Fix Launcher Fix failure to run task in Task Scheduler as opposed to directly launch when started manually
    Fix InstallHelper Fix default log path when user opts to use a global log folder
    Fix Installer Fix CPUEater.exe not validly signed
    Change Installer Remove CDN references
    Change All Refactor of Watchdog code to support new action types coming to future versions
    Change GUI Expand affinity selection dialogs to 64 logical cores
    Change GUI Product activator made a little more robust and reliable
    Change GUI Performance optimizations to GUI's 'sleep state' when main window not visible
    Change Languages French, Italian, Serbian
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    Re: Latest Version Process Lasso

    Process Lasso

    Fix All Minor fix to some code in Task Scheduler management module
    Change Core Force immediate termination of processes that are in suspended state
    Change Core Disable process icons by default in Server Edition
    Change Core Donít log process launches and terminations by default
    Change Core Reduce wait time when trying to start Task Scheduler during install (considered an errant OS state)
    Change Core Minor tweaks
    Change All Switch to latest URL set (Fix WinXP failure to activate and update)
    Change All Fix latest version issue with unattended install command line use of activation codes
    Change All Enable minidumps for all betas
    Change Localization Update Polish, French, German, Italian, Russian
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