Kabel BW to add HD channels
Jörn Krieger | 31-05-2013

German cable operator Kabel BW will add three new HD channels to its cable network serving federal state Baden-Württemberg: auto motor sport HD, Spiegel TV Wissen HD and Lust Pur HD.

At the same time, the data rate of the fastest Internet access service will be increased to more than 100Mbps.

To create the capacity for the expansion, Kabel BW will reshuffle the transmission frequencies on its cable network in June 2013. If the channels aren't automatically found on their new slots, customers have to do a channel search on their digital reception device.

Further information on the changes, the timetable and the revised channel line-up can be found on http://www.kabelbw.de/info. The affected households will also receive information by letter.