China, Comcast rule the pay-TV world

Michelle Clancy | 05-06-2013

Comcast is the world's largest pay-TV operator, with 22 million subscribers at the end of 2012, according to an analysis from SNL Kagan.

The data found that geographically, China, India and the US accounted for 50, or nearly half, of the world's top operators, with 27 of them based in China and 12 in India. The US has 11 operators, followed by France, Germany, South Korea, Brazil and Mexico, each with five.
China's ongoing cable consolidation and India's continued DTH surge have produced many top pay-TV operators in the Asia Pacific region with gigantic subscriber bases. At end-2012, the top ten Asia Pacific operators each served more than ten million video subscribers and are still on track for further growth.
Strong DTH uptake has also taken place in Latin America, where top providers SKY Brasil, Sky Mexico and America Movil's Claro made the most aggressive subscriber net additions in 2012 in the region.
In the advanced territories of North America and Western Europe, meanwhile, telecom providers are outpacing incumbent cable operators in terms of subscriber growth, with IPTV services from AT&T, Verizon Communications, France Telecom Group and Deutsche Telekom registering the most net additions, while cable giants such as Comcast, Rogers Cable, Kabel Deutschland and Numericable continued to suffer subscriber loss.
The analysis also found that Chinese telco China Telecom was the top fixed broadband provider, reaching 90.1 million high-speed Internet customers.
To facilitate a global comparison of the world's largest video and broadband providers, SNL Kagan compiled a database of 106 major operators serving no fewer than two million video subscribers or one million fixed-line broadband subscribers at year-end 2012.