SwiftServe launches the SwiftServe CDN Federation

Louise Duffy | 05-06-2013

Content delivery specialist SwiftServe has launched the SwiftServe CDN Federation, which brings together operator CDNs built on SwiftServe technology and its existing global CDN network.

The SwiftServe CDN Federation enables operators to collaborate with each other to create the largest and most comprehensive CDN both in their own country and beyond. A number of operators in Southeast Asia have already signed up to become federation partners, with a combined subscriber base of over 450 million.
SwiftServe claims to be the only supplier of CDN technology and services that has a stated aim of making operators leading players in CDN. Its licensed CDN technology, SwiftCDN, enables operators to build their own private CDN and link it to the SwiftServe CDN Federation, which also includes SwiftServe’s reseller CDN, SwiftServe CDN.
“By joining forces, operators can generate revenue by offering their own content on their network, by delivering content on behalf of their content publisher customers, and also by delivering content on behalf of other partners in the SwiftServe CDN Federation; and they can do so without fearing the competition of their CDN supplier,” said SwiftServe CEO Cheong Kong Wai.