K3 card is supplied blank only official K3 OS and no picture no print in the card
Technical Details :

• Flash or ROM-based microcontrollers
• Up to 128K bytes of NVM
High-performance and low power 8-16-bit RISC Architecture secureAVR™:

- 120 Powerful Instructions

- Most single clock cycle execution
• Flash program memory
• ROM program memory
• EEPROM user memory

- Endurance: 500,000 write/ erase cycles
• Crypto-processor with pre-programmed functions for cryptography and authentication (option)
• Supervisor mode
• One or two ISO 7816 I/O ports
• Random word generator
• Security features
• RF variant under development
• Bond pad locations conform to ISO 7816 • VCC: 3-5V
The K3 card can be programmed by any Phoenix Programmers