Pflimlin requests ad breaks

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 06-06-2013

France Télévisions' President Rémy Pflimlin yesterday asked the French Government for permission to have ad breaks between 8pm and 9pm.

Talking at a TV colloquium in Paris, he explained that a moderate return of prime time advertising, which was banned from France Télévisions' screens in 2009, would allow his group to cope with its current financial difficulties.
"Our ad revenues are decreasing ... more than those of other competitors as we don't have any more ad breaks after 8pm," Pflimlin explained. He believes that having ad breaks between 8pm and 9pm would "allow us to attract back the biggest brands which have left us".
He estimates that these commercial breaks would represent from 1% to 2% of the global TV ad investment, and would not weaken the market as much as the commercial discounts currently granted by channels.
The ability to broadcast more commercial breaks was also requested by the commercial channels yesterday.
Though in favour of a total ad ban on PSB channels, M6's CEO Nicolas de Tavernost asked for the forbidden sectors like retail and cinema to be opened up to TV commercials.
NBC Universal France TV's boss Leonor Grandsir explained how much cabsat and IPTV themed channels have been impacted by the growing number of DTT channels. The announcers are now either on DTT or the Web.