eScapes Network, Vivicast team up to lead to 4KTV initiative

Editor | 06-06-2013

Taking the longer view of the TV market, eScapes Network and Vivicast Media have completed an international distribution agreement that potentially allows them to offer content in 4K quality.

eScapes describes its offerings as Relaxation Television, broadcasting a blend of high definition scenic video and relaxing music. Commenting on the partnership and what it could bring, eScapes chairman, Robert Oklejas, said: "With manufacturers reaching out to Korean cable operators in an effort to boost 4K TV content, it only makes sense for a network like eScapes to be in that space. We are looking at what we can do to provide cable operators, both in the United States and abroad, the most beautiful video images in the highest resolution available."
For its part, Vivicast specialises in making video network licensing available to multi-platform video distributors (MPVDs) in the US and around the globe. The multiscreen firm already offers real-time streaming as well as video-on-demand (VOD) in SD, HD, 3D and, increasingly, 4K screen options.
Outlining what the firm could do with eScapes, president, Stuart Smitherman commented: "Vivicast can now provide immediate and worldwide access to this unique content through our global licensing team. Combining that with the anticipation of the 4K wave and eScapes' plan to provide cutting-edge content moving forward also gives us both a great opportunity to make an early impact in the market."