Social platforms expanding entertainment on global scale

Parent Category 06-06-2013

New research from Edelman has revealed the extent to which online entertainment is making today's audiences feel more connected by increasingly interacting with and sharing entertainment content.

The company's seventh annual Global Entertainment Study highlighted the behavioural similarities and differences around entertainment consumption, social media interactions, overall engagement trends and distinctions between emerging and developed markets.
Among the standout findings is the fact that two-thirds of respondents agree that watching and sharing entertainment online has increased their sense of global connection.
And people were more eager to find more ways to interact with their entertainment, with the emerging markets – Brazil, China, India, Turkey and Korea – leading this trend. Overall, 42% of respondents in the UK enhanced their entertainment experience by simultaneously using another device, yet respondents in emerging markets were more inclined to access additional content about their entertainment, such as deleted scenes, actor bios and 'making of' content.
For example, just over three-quarters (76%) of those in emerging markets did this as opposed to three-fifths in both the US and UK, and a similar percentage of those in emerging markets interacted in real-time with what they were watching as opposed to just under half (47%) in the US and UK.
Over half (54%) of respondents in all countries felt more connected because of the content they have watched, and over the course of the last 12 months, three-fifths of respondents in the UK were also more open to watching online videos from international markets than they were a year ago. By contrast, the majority of respondents in the emerging markets had watched or listened to entertainment in a language they do not speak (60%). In the US and UK this was 44%.
"This year's findings show that the need for shared entertainment experiences is truly global," said Gail Becker, chair, US Western Region, Canada and Latin America, Edelman. "Now more than ever, entertainment is fuelled by mobile and multiscreen access. This concept of 'visual-tainment' breaks down barriers, which increases people's desire to share that content and experience with others – a trend that is particularly true in the emerging markets."
"More than ever, people are seeking out immersive experiences through entertainment," added Jon Hargreaves, managing director, technology, Edelman Europe. "Developing countries are leading the way in creating great content and building the infrastructure to provide people with access that allows them to interact whenever and wherever they want. The popularity of PSY's 'Gangnam Style' is a great example."