Visible World, FourthWall tackle addressable TV ads

Michelle Clancy | 06-06-2013

Targeted television advertising specialist Visible World is partnering with FourthWall Media, an independent source of set-top box viewing data, in a marketing effectiveness initiative aimed at cable operators.

FourthWall is extending the capabilities of its EBIF platform to support Visible World's addressable advertising solutions. FourthWall's platform runs on Motorola, Cisco and Pace hardware and is deployed in millions of homes with numerous cable operators. Through this joint effort, Visible World can turn on addressable advertising for operators running the extended FourthWall platform.
"Being able to target the right message to the right home is the single biggest opportunity awaiting the television advertising industry," said Seth Haberman, CEO of Visible World. "Cable operators further benefit as they use significant local inventory for marketing their own products to existing subscribers."
He added that in a study the company recently completed examining 144 cable operator marketing campaigns covering an 18 month period, ads that targeted their message to the right subscribers got a 70% better conversion rate than the overall campaign results.
"Platform technology and set-top box viewing data are critical for marketers to better reach their customers with the right message at the right time," said Bill Feininger, general manager of the MassiveData product and senior vice president of media measurement for FourthWall. "We are pleased to be further connecting the dots from our platform to census-level measurement, and now to addressable advertising with Visible World."
He added: "During the past presidential campaign, our MassiveData TV panel with its rich household characteristics was used to anonymously identify what programming was being watched by particular voting segments. This allowed the candidate's message to be tailored and targeted to the right voters and programmes. It worked. When you make television actionable like the Internet through advanced services, viewer data and dynamic segmentation, you have a far more effective tool for any kind of marketing, from a presidential campaign to selling additional cable services to existing customers."