Logo picks up Call Girls for a good time

Michelle Clancy | 12-06-2013

A documentary on post-recession paid phone sex in Britain, entitled Call Girls, will be coming to America by way of the cable network Logo.

Logo's senior vice president of business and legal affairs, Richard Parent, said that he was pleased to acquire another "smart and provocative" documentary for the Viacom-owned cable network.
"Call Girls is exactly the kind of documentary Logo has been seeking for the next season of What!? Documentaries," he said. "We look forward to hopefully finding more smart and provocative documentaries from [producer] Electric Sky in the future."
With the UK recovering from the worst recession since the war, more than a million women are unemployed, resulting in a burgeoning phone sex industry. Call Girls follows the women who are paid to talk dirty in a very British portrait of a huge yet hidden industry.
"Logo is the perfect home for this outrageous yet endearing documentary," said Ben Packwood, senior sales manager at Electric Sky, who brokered the deal. "We are so excited to see our down-to-earth Call Girls find fame in the US."
The one-hour film, made by Back2Back Productions for Channel 4, aired earlier this year in the UK under the title My Phone Sex Secrets, receiving critical acclaim. Jack Seale from Radio Times wrote: "My Phone Sex Secrets unearthed eccentrics thriving in a world of clandestine Carry On naughtiness...".