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Thread: reliable k3 supplier & k3/emu questions

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    reliable k3 supplier & k3/emu questions

    hi there,

    1- sorry i'm not sure there's a proper place to ask for this so i'll post here..

    i'd like to get my hands on a k3 card to do some little cardsharing experiments but i haven't bought any hardware for a very very longtime so i'm looking for a good online store to order a K3 in europe.

    i've read that prices are dropping, any changes expected in a near future ? or is it just that other RSA cards like anaconda are crowding the market ?

    if it's not authorized to post store urls please send them in PM, thx !

    2- besides that as i don't have any satellite receiver and only old aston/via cams from the day when a ss1, a cam and a goldcard was all that was required to get everything, i'm planning on using my k3 with current cam emulators like camd3 or newcamd and so on..
    my goal is to make a lan CS server with newCS on a linux box.. my clients being mostly windows softwares like progdvb..

    If you have any experience with k3 / emus on windows or linux, if it works, well or not, what are the limitations and so forth, please speek up..

    thx for reading

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    Re: reliable k3 supplier & k3/emu questions


    just make a search on google and you will find everything you need !
    The k3 is not good for cs, your clients will be very disapointed, the card freezes all the time !

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