I think its about time that we have a new phantompatch for the 5402HD Technomate. I had the 127p since it came out back in December 2012, and haven't seen another one lately, would like to get Slovak sport on 23.5 east, as my phantompatch 127p opens some of them, but not Slovak sport with the same encryption. Just feel it should be a better out coming out soon. Which gets quite a few as well as 39 east, 23.5east 19.2 east, 4.8 east. Canal plus sport would be nice, and also sportitalia would be nice as well, as I got a blank screen on that one on 12.5 west, sometimes it disappears and sometimes it comes back with a blank screen, but should get that as it states free on my receiver. Hope a new phantompatch comes out soon, with a lot of the bizzo channels.