Telefónica migrates to Hispasat's Amazonas 3

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 16-06-2013

Telefónica's Media Networks has finished its migration to the new Hispasat satellite, Amazonas 3, after proving that it's comercially operative.

With the migration of more than 2 million mobile customers in Brazil, the Latin American satellite network of Telefónica is now only working through the new satellite.
The new platform will provide more space for HD signals and multimedia services. The DTH platform and the HD and SD signals were also migrated from Amazonas 1 during last weeks.
The Ka banda slot, which Telefónica bought in order to offer a satellite Internet service, is also working in Amazonas 3. The service will be probably launch in the region in the secon half of the year, once the telecom centres the company is building in Chile and the US are finished.
The Amazonas 3 is the 10th satellite launched by Hispasat. It has 52 simultaneous transponders, 19 in C band and 9 ‘spot beams’ in Ka band. Its expected lifespan is 15 years. To celebrate the satellite's launch, Telefonica used it to make the first Ultra HDTV 4K broadcast in Latin America.