Venezuela's opposition candidate starts online TV programme

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 16-06-2013

Henrique Capriles, Venezuela's opposition leader, has started a new programme on his own Internet TV channel,

According to him, Venezuelan media are not taking him into consideration any more, which is why he launched the show.
All Of Us Are Venezuela is broadcast every Tuesday. During the first programme, Capriles answered the questions of a group of Venezuelan and international journalists.
Since the last elections and Capriles' refusal to accept the results, Venezuela's government decided to ban him from most of the country's media. Moreover, the only channel out of the official influence, Globovision, underwent some changes which brought it under the Government's control, and the newspaper Cadena Capriles was sold to “a well-known Venezuelan group”, according to its own official release.
Capriles' programme and the intention of creating an Internet TV channel by the former Globovision's workers are the most recent movements in a media market which is struggling under pressure from the state.