Gracenote aims for second-screen with new video API program

Joseph O'Halloran | 16-06-2013

Video metadata and recognition technologies provider Gracenote is aiming to capture a foothold in the second screen arena with new video APIs.

Designed to herald a push from music to video for the company, the API release includes TV listings data and imagery, as well as automatic content recognition (ACR) technology, which lets smartphones and tablets identify and sync with TV programmes and films.

Gracenote recognition technology and data currently see use in the second screen experience for a number of leading TV companion apps, including Syfy Sync and zeebox. Gracenote TV listings and descriptive metadata have also been adopted in Smart TV and second screen guide experiences from major TV manufacturers.
With its new services, the company now feels confident that developers have the opportunity “to dive deep into this technology and data, and try to create the future of TV.”
“The music arm of entertainment has seen tremendous innovation from developers and has been embraced by major industry players, but TV has been left relatively untouched by the independent developer community,” explained Eric Allen, vice president of services at Gracenote. “Gracenote’s vast source of TV and movie metadata and video recognition technology has the potential to rally developers around re-inventing the TV experience.”
Gracenote will debut its Video APIs at the TVOT Hackathon in San Francisco on June 22 and will offer a $2,000 prize for the most innovative hack built using them. Developers can get access the Video APIs early by registering for the Gracenote Developer Program at: