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Thread: The Last Drakkar stable version

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    The Last Drakkar stable version

    I decided to start a new topic about The Last Drakkar, so as not to confuse the stable release with beta.

    Now, with this version which is available for download in the program is available to check for updates stable and beta version :)

    fixed some bugs, a few typos, added Polish language, done so far two faq - a logging and processing bin to txt etc etc

    information available on the project website;)
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    The Last Drakkar stable version 447

    The Last Drakkar stable version 447

    - Added nagra pre to post for prefixes 80,81,82
    - Added Spanish language thx to lamentos@
    - Added Send (serial,SA) optpion in logger
    - Added send (serial,SA) option in bin to txt
    - Added Custom card filter option on logger in set send(Serial,SA)
    - Added Custom card filter option on bintotxt in set send(Serial,SA)
    - Added support to viaccess cards Emm send in Send option in logger and bintotxt
    - Added check change in tabs Logger and binttotxt in Send option
    - Rewited way how emm was sended to card in logger and bintotxt tab now it's making by the stack
    - Added option to deleay between sending EMMs in bombing tab
    - Fixed search filter in bin to txt tab
    - Added French language thx to seeb@

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    The Last Drakkar - stable v2.2.4 build 628

    The Last Drakkar - stable v2.2.4 build 628

    changes from last stable version:


    - Fixed error show on start when operating system has specific language like chinese
    - Fixed when new LD beta version was found on application start, in window was wrong infomation that new 'stable' version was found
    - Added chinese language
    - Added slovak language
    - Added Nagra3 check card to check 4xx version of ROM 180 cards - thx to atari@
    - Fixed hex to ansi converter in calc tab, if hex has bytes lower than 31 and higher than 128 then was problem with showing all strings now its replaced with '?' char
    - Fixed some irdeto3 hybrid issues like , added checksum to dec serial, fixed length of hex serial and fixed in file 2 and 3 read
    - Added bulgarian lanugauge thx to @tedy58
    - Added recognition nano 41,43,44,BA,AF in viaccess EMM thx to @Pr2
    - Fixed some burte force issues,
    - Fixed Conax save to file function
    - Added Verimatrix support change version to x.x.4.x: thx to friends from brasil for Verimatrix hardware devices
    * Added connection in phoenix reader mode
    * Added read serial, CAID, Version etc..
    * Added support for Verimatrix in send tab
    * Added save info to file for Verimatrix
    * Added keep correct len to data for Verimatrix in BruteF tab
    - Another try to fix mulithread error in Brute F tab
    - Added recognition nano 45,46,9E,D8 in Viaccess EMM thx to @Pr2
    - Added some debug information

    pass :
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