Spain's telcos get ready for DTT reform

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 17-06-2013

Spain's audiovisual companies have already started to make decisions for the future in order to adapt their offerings to the upcoming DTT environment.

Due to the reform of the radioelectric slots and the recent Supreme Court ruling, it seems that at least nine channels will close down before the end of the year.
Viacom, which operates through the Net TV signals, has been the first to show its intentions. Currently operating two different channels, the Government plans will force the company to stick with only one of them. According to El Confidencial, between MTV and Paramount Comedy, Viacom will choose the latter and close down the music channel.
With regard to the other two channels which operate through the Net TV signals, Intereconomía and Disney Channel, which both belong to the Vocento media group, it seems that the one for children will retain its slot in the schedule. Intereconomía is already looking for other solutions, as the board of directors is resisting the closure.
The biggest companies - Atresmedia, Mediaset and Prisa - have not made any announcements yet. They seem to be waiting for a definite decision from Government, despite the recent ruling of the Supreme Court, which declared that up to 17 channels may be closed down due to an irregular authorisation process.
The intentions of the Spanish Government are quite confusing. Despite it seeing the reformation of the radioelectric space as something inevitable for the expansion of LTE networks, last week it publically recognised that this will be probably delayed.
Spain's Academia de Televisión has asked the Government to protect the current signal sharing, especially for "those companies which actually use the slots and don't rent them to foreign TV," said its president Manuel Campo Vidal on Friday.