TVE tests Ultra HDTV through Hispasat
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 20-06-2013

A few months ago Hispasat announced that it would start testing Ultra HDTV broadcastings through its satellite network, and now this has taken shape in the form of a signal called TVE 4K which is being broadcast free-to-air via Hispasat 1E, according to

The race towards Ultra HDTV has already started in Spain and Hispasat is one of the competitors in an environment in which Eutelsat and SES Astra have already showed their intentions.

SES has been receiving the most attention in the past few weeks with a big event held last Wednesday with Canal+, Telefónica's TSA, Newtec, Ovide, Promovisa, Sony and Trigital, in which the satellite company showed the first audiovisual content recorded in Spain for the 4K standard.

Hispasat has also been working with TSA in Latin America. In order to celebrate the launch of the Amazonas 3 satellite, both companies broadcast 4K content over the Atlantic Ocean.

Tomorrow, the Spanish satellite company is going to reveal an agreement with LG to develop 4K technology in the country. During the presentation Hispasat will broadcast some audiovisual content to one of the new LG Ultra HTDV screens, which is the biggest device among the current offer, at 84".