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    Smile dragonCam

    Hej! Har en dragoncam som jag inte använt på ett tag (sen C+bev stoppat på p-kort)
    Laddade med predator 3.54 vertionen men inget mer händer.
    Måste men ha ett kort i För att lösa upp bild på Fun MII med program vara på Var kan man få tag på detta idag ?
    MVH Obelix62

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    Re: dragonCam

    hi, could you pls. send your question in english, german, italian or french so i can (or will try) to answer you. thx scotty1000

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    Hi !! Have not useit for a year From the stopp c+ in sweden.
    Then the dragon works whit predator same card the key was stored in the predator dra-file Is the same now days? Or did a need store it on cards today. Knowing the are no fils for swedish c+ but im intressting in ader movie chanels and sport
    I have mII cards
    Regards Obelix

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    Re: dragonCam

    I hate to brake it to you obelix62, but there's not much that can be opened right now.
    The only thing(s), I know that still work are ORF/Easy.Tv (19.2e *rd*t* Beta),
    MTv (19.2e Crypt*w*rks), XtraMusic (19.2e Crypt*w*rks) and Kingston (5e Crypt*w*rks),.

    There may or may not be stuff open on 16e, I believe there is, but I'm not 100% sure about it.
    ~One way or the other!~

    Sadly C+ Fr., C+ Nl., D+, TV Cabo, Premiere, Polsat and TPS-AbSat are all down.

    Again I'm not sure about this, the last I heard though K3 was able to open C+ Nl., but was working
    with the current K3 Card Files (for December),. The only other CI CAMs' that are known to work
    with Premiere, and Polsat (Diablo & Dragon\T-Rex 4.6),. are still working with there last Updates...

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