Film Four & Film Four +1: 29-06-2013.

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FilmFour TV listings guide Today.

11:00Destination Moon[SUB]A tycoon decides it is vitally important the US send a rocket to the moon before the Russians get there, and seeks the aid of a scientist and an air force general in achieving his goal. However, they find many obstacles in their way, and even when the mission is a success, it turns out getting back may not be easy. Sci-fi adventure, starring John Archer, Tom Powers and Warner AndersonFilm/Science Fiction/Adventure

12:55The Iron Lady Interview SpecialMeryl Streep discusses her Oscar-winning performance as Margaret ThatcherFilm/Cinema

13:00Stardust[SUB AD HD]A young shop assistant in Victorian England enters a magical parallel world in search of a fallen star to give to the girl of his dreams. However, the star has taken on the form of a beautiful woman, whom he helps flee from a wicked witch and a murderous prince. Fantasy adventure, based on Neil Gaiman's graphic novel, with Charlie Cox, Claire Danes, Michelle Pfeiffer, Robert De Niro, Mark Strong and Sienna Miller. Narrated by Ian McKellenFilm/Fantasy/Adventure

15:30The Remains of the Day[SUB HD]A butler in a 1930s aristocratic household has dedicated himself to serving his master, putting duty above all else and repressing his affection for the housekeeper, who also happens to be in love with him. On the outbreak of war, the nobleman's Nazi sympathies come to light, marking a change of heart in the old servant, who looks back with misgivings about the loyalty that may have cost him dearly. Period drama, with Anthony Hopkins, Emma Thompson and James FoxFilm/General Movie/Drama

18:10The Hunt for Red October[SUB AD HD]A Soviet submarine commander creates an international crisis by piloting his experimental nuclear vessel, which is invisible to sonar, toward the American coast. The US and Russian navies think he is planning to attack and set out to destroy the submarine, but a CIA analyst suspects he intends to defect to the West. Cold war thriller, based on Tom Clancy's novel, starring Sean Connery, Alec Baldwin and James Earl JonesFilm/Detective/Thriller

20:50Cannes Film Festival 2013 SpecialReport on two British films screened at the festival, For Those in Peril and The Selfish GiantFilm/Cinema

21:00Limitless[SUB AD HD]A failed writer acquires a supply of an experimental drug that enables his brain to process and learn information at a superhuman rate. His newfound abilities allow him to make a killing on the stock market, but he soon attracts the attention of shadowy forces who have sinister plans for him. Sci-fi thriller, with Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro and Abbie CornishFilm/Science Fiction

23:05Scanners[SUB HD]A man with dangerous psychic powers is recruited by a sinister corporation to infiltrate and destroy an underground movement led by a fanatical renegade telepath intent on taking over the world. David Cronenberg's sci-fi thriller, starring Stephen Lack, Patrick McGoohan, Michael Ironside and Jennifer O'NeillFilm/Science Fiction/Detective/Thriller

01:05My Name is Joe[SUB AD]A recovering alcoholic becomes romantically involved with a health service worker as he struggles to resist the temptation of the bottle - but their burgeoning relationship begins to falter when his willpower fails and he falls off the wagon. Drama, directed by Ken Loach and starring Peter Mullan, Louise Goodall, David McKay and Anne Marie KennedyFilm/General Movie/Drama