Canal+ Séries to start in September
Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 04-07-2013

French pay-TV group Canal+ has announced the launch of its new premium channel Canal+ Séries on 21 September.

Available in HD to all subscribers of its Les Chaînes Canal+ bouquet at no additional cost, the new offer will kick off with drama series Hannibal, produced by Gaumont International Television for NBC. The Les Chaînes Canal+ bouquet already comprises Canal+, Canal+ Décalé, Canal+ Sport, Canal+ Cinéma et Canal+ Family.

Canal+ Séries’s programming is based on exclusivities and looks forward following US schedules. In addition to new seasons of Mad Men, Nurse Jackie and Shameless among others US series, Canal+ Séries will also air titles, one episode per week, such as Revenge and Scandal on the heels of their US TV run, from one to seven days after. At weekends, the channel will offer marathon sessions of TV reruns.

Despite the large amount of US content, 60% of the programming grid will come from Europe, and Scandi and UK series like Lilyhammer, Utopia and Bron are expected.

Canal+ Séries will be accessible on cable and satellite as well as on PCs, tablets, smartphones and Xbox 360 consoles.