Dailymotion tunes up for live event streaming

Parent Category | 07-07-2013

The Dailymotion online video service has launched a dedicated space that will showcase the best live music from 13 festivals over two months.

The Summer Music Festivals section of what is claimed to be the world’s second largest video portal will stream performances from festivals in the US, UK, France, Switzerland, Spain,Belgium, and Hungary in the July to August 2013 timeframe. Events will cover artists such as Arctic Monkeys, Blur, Queens of the Stone Age, Suede, Neil Young & Crazyhorse, Wu Tang Clan, Slayer, Lamb of God, 30 Seconds to Mars, Snoop Lion and Justice.
As well as watching for the main Dailymotion portal, viewers can embed players onto their own social media pages to share with friends. Archive footage of much of the shows will also be available on Dailymotion up to three months after the festivals.
Commenting on the new offering, Marc Eychenne, Head of Content at Dailymotion, said: “Since it started Dailymotion has shown more than 50 million hours of live music, bringing the thrill of live performance to fans around the world. We are now building on this heritage of bringing great live content its global audience of 115 million viewers by streaming 13 of the greatest music festivals in Europe and the US this summer. Fans can now watch and share live sets from their favourite bands and artists wherever they are in the world - all they need is an internet-enabled device and a link to Dailymotion’s “Summer of Music Festivals.”