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Thread: MEGA32 HD Open Pli 3.0

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    MEGA32 HD Open Pli 3.0

    MEGA32 HD Open Pli 3.0 _mod by mamba65

    Test on OpenPli OE.3.0

    Picon Provider,Wetter,Fan

    Weather to config

    Enter your city or zip code and give go...
    Connect to FTP with a tuner and go to / usr/lib/enigma2/python/Components/Converter
    In verse 12/13 switch the Config your City 12# 12815101 - vienna 13# weather_city = '12815101'
    Save and restart the GUI

    Weather Icon installation
    1. Connect to FTP with a tuner and go to / usr/lib/enigma2/python/Components/Renderer
    2. Edit
    3. In verse 63 switch the Config for your Picon location: searchPaths.append("/usr/share/enigma2/%s/") or searchPaths.append("/media/usb/%s/") or searchPaths.append("/media/hdd/%s/") or other location
    4. Save and restart the GUI
    Please put the ipk in folder /tmp and install as
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