Spain's R reinforces HD programming
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 10-07-2013

Spain's fibre company R, which operates in the northwest of the country, has confirmed its commitment to HD by adding five new channels to its HD offer during the first week of July.

With 15 high definition signals in its premium TV package, R is getting closer to its competitors' offerings, despite being the last cable company in Spain to begin HD broadcasts. TNT, Fox Crime, AXN White, Cosmo and Viajar are now available in HD through R.

The regular subscription package has 11 HD channels, offering Hollywood, Fox, AXN, Calle 13, NatGeo and NatGeo Wild. The premium offer also includes Sundance Channel, MGM, SyFy and Canal+Liga, as well as the regular DTT HD channels.

The company is clearly consolidated in the pay-TV market in its area of operation, being the only fibre option available.