Arab Idol 2 watched by half of TV viewers in Iraq

Rebecca Hawkes | 10-07-2013

The second season of MBC's Arab Idol was watched by half of all television viewers in Iraq, according to a new media consumption survey by Arab Advisors Group.

The study also found that news, reality shows and Arabic drama series are the most popular TV genres watched in Iraq, with the majority of respondents preferring to watch television in Arabic.
"Around 59% of respondents who watch satellite TV reported watching reality TV shows. Arab Idol was the most watched reality show, with 50% of the survey respondents who watch satellite TV reporting that they watched it," the researchers said.
The Iraq Media Survey 2013 also revealed high levels of social media adoption in Iraq, with 77.9% of respondents who used the Internet having one or more social media accounts. Over 77% said they had a Facebook presence, according to Arab Advisors Group.
The survey was conducted by calling randomly selected phone numbers, generating 741 quality-controlled responses. The researchers claim the method yields a confidence level of 99% with a margin of error of less than 5%.