Al Arabiya's websites under electronic attack

Rebecca Hawkes | 10-07-2013

Middle East news network Al Arabiya says its websites have been under electronic attack since 3 July, the day Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi was ousted from office by the armed forces.

The MBC-owned channel said the cyber attacks, which were initiated in Egypt, reached their peak on Monday 8 July. Since they began, the attacks have come from other parts of the world, according to Al Arabiya technicians.
"The attacks are aimed at slowing down publication of articles, downloading of pages and videos, and browsing speed," the broadcaster said in a statement.
"Al Arabiya's technical team has suspended the comments and search tabs until it finds solutions to repel the attacks."
Al Arabiya's TV channel and websites have been targeted before now, with satellite transmissions jammed from Libya and Egypt in the past. Previous cyber attacks have also been initiated in Syria and Libya, among other countries, says the broadcaster.
Al Arabiya which has Arabic and English-language websites is based in Dubai and has financial backing from Saudi Arabia.